Alumni making a difference: Andrew Cameron ’07

Andrew Cameron ’07 is an Emergency Medicine Resident, studying at the University of Toronto. He is also pursuing a Master of Laws for his fourth-year fellowship, with a focus on utilizing innovative technology in emergency medicine. He is also the co-founder of start-up company Pandemos, a platform where doctors can share information to help fight worldwide health crises, like COVID-19, together.

“A few months ago, we started to realize that this was not just going to be another SARS or MERS,” Andrew says of COVID-19, “we realized this was going to be a global pandemic.”

Andrew explained that at the start of the outbreak he, and his colleagues, were flooded with information. “Keeping up with COVID was a full-time job, outside of your full-time job,” he says.

With the sudden increase in the need for information, and no one place to find it, Andrew recognized an opportunity to assist doctors across the world.

“COVID revealed a gap in the market and we’re pouncing on it to allow doctors to get the information that they need,” Andrew says.

In early March Andrew co-founded Pandemos as a resource for physicians to share with each other through the COVID-19 crisis.

“At the start of the crisis we realized that of all the places doctors and professionals can turn to for knowledge, there’s a ton of literature, but no one actually tells you how to do the job,” Andrew said.  “We want to create a platform where doctors can crowdsource, organize and translate knowledge that’s practical in nature.”

Pandemos is a project Andrew works on outside of his time at the hospital. His frontline experience with COVID-19 has given him a unique perspective on Canada’s response to the pandemic—and its potential future.

“Canadians are reasonable people who listen to experts,” says Andrew. “If nothing else, the first wave of flattening the curve bought us so much time and so much preparation that the numbers of affected Canadians will certainly be lower if there’s a second wave. Knowing that Canadians took it seriously, and gave me the time I needed to prepare, is something I can be proud of as a Canadian.”

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