Boarding Messsage – March 22

Dear Ashbury Boarding Students, 

Greetings to you all, wherever you happen to be!

Under normal circumstances, you would be arriving back on campus today, unpacking, sharing stories of your March Break, and preparing for classes to resume tomorrow.  Alas, the world has changed significantly since you left campus a few short weeks ago! 

Over the past week or so, your Heads of Residence and I have been working together to reach out to ensure that we had an update for each of you, to know where you are: back home with parents or somewhere here in Canada with family/friends/guardians/homestay. I know that many of our international families have had challenging decisions to make about whether to bring their children home or to allow them to stay in Canada.  Please understand that we will continue to support you wherever you are!  For your residential teachers, even though you are not in residence right now, you are part of our Ashbury Boarding Family.  If you need assistance, please let us know; we are here to help.

I am forwarding the most recent message from Mr. Southward, below, in case you haven’t seen it yet.  Please read it carefully as there is important information for ALL of YOU. Our new Distance Education will begin on Tuesday, March 24; more information will be shared soon so it is very important that you read your Ashbury email and check Edsby for important messages.  

 If you have concerns, questions, or need assistance, please reach out to the Residential Teachers, your TAG teacher, and/or me.  Whether you are at home with family, staying with friends or relatives, or in with a Homestay family, we remain committed to supporting you.  Check regularly for messages on WhatsApp, Ashbury email, and Ebsby.  

I wish each of you continued good health.  Let’s stay in touch and support one another to get through these challenges together.  Right now, our Boarding Community is spread out all around the world, but let’s remain together in spirit.  If you have innovative ideas on how we can do that, please share! 

Warmest wishes to each of you and to all of your families,

Ms. Di Prisco