Get to know your Alumni Executive: Julia (Fottinger) Mills ‘11

What made you get involved with the Alumni Executive?

I have had long standing involvement in the Ashbury community, supporting the student internship program, through my work at Edelman. I was fortunate to receive support and career guidance from the Ashbury network, in particular from Darcy Walsh ’95 and Padme Raina, which spurred me to want to involve myself further. When Padme mentioned the Alumni Executive, I knew this was a way to give back to the Ashbury community, supporting current students and alumni.

What are you most looking forward to about your role on the Executive?

I am very excited to interact with and meet both new and old alumni, to help build on their connections. On a personal level this network has contributed to my success, and I hope to help grow our community and involve more Ashburians in our events.

Can you share a bit about your career path and expertise?

After graduating from Ashbury College, I attended Carleton University where I earned a degree in Communication Studies. In my third year at Carleton, I met Ashbury alumnus, Darcy Walsh ’95, who involved me in a summer internship at Edelman’s Toronto office to support the Public Affairs team. I brought my Toronto experience to the Ottawa office and continued working there during my last year of university. I have been with the company for five years and have since become a Senior Account Manager, providing strategic communications and government business development support for some of Canada’s most recognized brands and leading organizations in healthcare, aerospace, technology, and non-profit sectors.

How do you think Ashbury helped you get where you are?

Ashbury provided me with a tight knit community where I was not only able to access a wonderful education, but also develop key skills and seek out opportunities beyond the classroom. My peers and teachers were instrumental in developing my self-motivation, team working skills, and self-confidence, all of which have played an important role in my success.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time as an Ashbury student?

All my favourite memories at school involve my friends. A particular memory that stands out was a community service trip to Belize, where a large group of us immersed ourselves in the culture and assisted with the construction of a village library. This trip expanded my world view, allowed me to give back to those less fortunate, gave me an opportunity to forge friends with students outside of my year, and interact with teachers in a different environment, while developing independence.

Who was your favourite Ashbury teacher?

Many of the teachers supported me in different ways during my time at Ashbury, however, Mrs. Holman stands out. She was not only my gym teacher, but my volleyball and track and field coach. I remember her as an incredibly positive role model who always saw the best in people, helped me build confidence and leadership skills, and encouraged me to succeed.