Maple’s Afternoon Tea Picnic

Thu Vo On Saturday afternoon, Ms. Mooney, Ms. Fitz and the seven Maple girls had a small picnic together. We went to the park opposite the school campus, enjoyed the sunny weather and a tea party. This was such an amazing opportunity for the nine of us to take some time off during the exam to gather up, relax and talk to the others. We enjoyed some delicious food that Ms. Mooney and Ms. Fitz prepared, such as wraps, tea cakes, and fruit. This was also the second last time that we could be together as a house, which was very sad. Overall, we had a lot of fun and we were very happy with this picnic. Thank you, Ms. Mooney and Ms. Fitz, for organizing such a great time for us, and thank you every Maple girl for making such a great year.