May 8 message to boarding students

Dear Boarding Students,

When you left the Ashbury College campus in early March for your well-deserved two-week March Break, you assumed, as we all did, that you would be returning a few weeks later for a busy and rewarding final term. Alas, the global pandemic has created massive disruption to so many well-paid plans. I hope that your transition to distance education has been relatively smooth and that you have adjusted to the new reality. Your residential staff team and I miss you; empty residences are quiet, sad places without your energy and activity.

I am writing to share with you our plan for dealing with student belongings in residence rooms over the next month or so. Please note that every room must be completely emptied for thorough cleaning over the summer.

Students who are close enough to travel back to campus to pack up their rooms: we will be scheduling appointments with you so that you can come back into the residence to pack up your own belongings for storage and/or to take with you.
Students who are unable to return to pack up their rooms: we will be scheduling appointments with you so that you can communicate with a residential staff member using a live video chat to provide directions about what belongings to donate/discard/pack up for storage and/or shipping.

Instructions for students returning to campus to pack their room:
●      You must schedule an appointment through your Head of Residence; if you arrive without an appointment, you will not be allowed into the residence or anywhere on campus. Staff will inform Ashbury Security about your appointment time
●      Appointments can be made during the week or on weekends but not in the evening.
●      We will be scheduling appointments to ensure that there is never more than one student per wing on site at a time (i.e. maximum two students per residence in Gillin and Matthews).
●      Your appointment will be for a maximum of three hours; come prepared to work quickly and efficiently
●      You may bring a maximum of one other person with you for assistance
●      When parking, please keep a safe distance from other vehicles to allow for quick and easy loading
●      Please call or text the duty phone when you arrive to that the residential staff can open the main door for you; your residence room door will be propped open
●      Anyone entering the building must be free from any flu symptoms and not under quarantine
●      You must sterilize your hands (sterilizer is provided) and wear a mask while in the residence
●      You will be required to proceed directly to your room and may only move between your room and the entrance/exit. If any of your belongings are located in other areas in the residence (kitchen, storage room, common room, or games room), staff will gather these for you. Please let us know ahead of time.
●      Please bring your own boxes and containers for packing up all of your belongings
●      Avoid contact with your roommate’s belongings and be respectful of their space
●      Please sort your belongings into the following categories:
o   General donations: anything you don’t want to keep or pack but could be useful for someone else; no opened toiletries (shampoo, etc.): clear plastic bag to be left in the room
o   Ashbury uniform or clothing donations: second clear plastic bag to be left in the room
o   Textbooks to be returned for exchange: place in a small box clearly labelled with your name for return to Textbook Exchange to be left in your
o   Items to take home with you; you must take everything with you at this time
o   Items to leave at Ashbury in storage for the fall term or for you to pick up for university: in bins or boxes, clearly labelled with your name, to be left in the room
o   Garbage and anything to be discarded: green garbage bag to be left in the hallway outside your room
o   Nothing else should be left behind when you are done!
●      Operations will move boxes and bins to storage and remove items for donation at a later time
●      Let staff know when you are ready to leave so they can check your room for completeness, clarify what needs to go into storage, if anything, and collect your key (Gillin only).

  • Your room will be sanitized after you leave

Instructions for students guiding staff through the process of sorting and packing your belongings:
●      You will be contacted by a member of the residential team to schedule an appointment
●      Appointments can be made during the week or on weekends (if necessary) but not in the evening
●      At the agreed upon time, you and the residential staff member will communicate through an MS Teams call, using video, so that you can direct the staff member when they are in your room
●      Prior to the appointment, confirm with the staff if you have any plastic bins or suitcases in storage or belongings in other areas in the residence (kitchen, storage room, common room, or fitness/games room); staff will gather these for you in advance.
●      During the appointment, assign all of your belongings into the following three primary categories: Discard, Donate, Store.
●      For students who are not returning to Ashbury next year, a fourth category will be for any items that you need us to Ship to you (please note: we want to limit items for this category as much as possible! Items to be shipped should be small, light, and ideally not valuable).
●      For grads: this year we will be allowing you to store some boxes and bins at Ashbury until you pick them up or arrange for transportation in September
●      If you have textbooks for the textbook exchange; these will be identified as belonging to you and taken to the main building later
●      Residential staff will place all items to be discarded in a garbage bag
●      All items to be donated will be placed in designated places in the residence for pick up later on
●      Items to be packed for storage: the residential staff will fill your suitcases and plastic bins (if you have any in storage) and use cardboard boxes for any remaining items; all boxes, bins, and containers will be identified with your name
●      Operations staff will later move these to storage in your residence
●      Any items to be shipped will be packed into a box, clearly labelled as to be shipped: staff will take a photo of this pile or of these items.

  • Please be patient and appreciative of staff assisting you with this important process.

Please contact your Head of Residence to arrange a date and time for your appointment — either to come to the residence to pack up your room, or to meet residential staff online to guide them through the sorting of your room.

Additional information will be shared shortly about the shipment process for those who need some belongings to be shipped to their homes. We are in communication with ISGC about their possible assistance in helping graduates have their belongings delivered or shipped to Canadian universities.  More information will follow.

We will be hosting a Boarding Assembly on Friday, May 15. I look forward to “seeing” you then!